SASSA: Payment approved but not yet received, see what to do below| OPTIONAL

SASSA: Payment approved but not yet received, see what to do below| OPTIONAL

If someone were authorized for a sassa payment of R350 some months ago but have not yet received it, read on this article for more information on what can be done. For many people who have been accepted for payment yet ever since they were approved and have not yet received any payment. As most of them are still out of work and dealing with this, it’s quite difficult for them. Since the approval, mostly might not have been paid for a few different reasons stated below:

Reason 1: The first reason is that the financial details might be inaccurate. It’s possible that some customers have provided a name that isn’t associated with their bank account. For instance If your bank account name is Alice Cindy McCarthy yet the details you supplied in the banking details part when registering for the R350 payment date is Alice McCarthy. If the name on the account doesn’t match the name on the R350 account, the system might reject the transaction. So make sure the name on your bank account matches the name on your R350 banking data information to avoid this issue. That can be possibly done by logging in and verify the details on the system.

Reason 2: Even though one have been accepted, but the grand still hasn’t been sent to the bank of the recipient or the post office. There will be no grand provided to the beneficiary, unless he or she goes to the SASSA nearest branch offices for assistance.

Reason 3: Sassa explained that if there is no pay date after approval, it signifies that payment has not been handled at this time but would be completed soon. The SRD award is a lifeline for those who receive it. After being reinstated in August 2021, the SRD grant has already seen over 14 million applications. As a result, there could be a lag in monthly payments to those who apply.

When Sassa reports approval but no pay, why is that? SASSA made the following announcement: “If your application is granted but there is no pay date, payment has not yet been processed.” hence, recipients should be patient and keep a check on their profiles.

This update even managed to make its way up to the headlines of various news sources from the entire internet and various social media platforms concerning this issue as it is still trending all over the flying news as we speak, by thousands and thousands of comments and posts which have been making rounds through out the entire internet and various social media platforms lately.

People are even alleged to go through out various official pages of SASSA for more clarity on this update, to avoid being influenced by inconvenient and fake news which might end up costing them a lot unecessary.

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