Handyman  Hammarsdale P2

Handyman  Hammarsdale P2

Role Purpose:

  • To perform a general maintenance support service to the site.

Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum Grade 12 or equivalent is required.
  • 1 year valid experience
  • Valid Code EB Drivers license

Required Experience:

  • Must have proven working knowledge/experience of building and construction.

Required Knowledge and Skills: 

  • Monitor that power tools,hand tools maintenance equipment are kept in good working condition and stored safely.
  • Report broken tools/equipment to the Maintenance Manager and, where possible repair broken maintenance tools.
  • Identify the types of tools, equipment and materials required.
  • Once work has been completed, request that the supervisor inspect the workmanship.
  • Perform duties as per requirements to eliminate down time or eliminate hazards / safety issues.
  • General Repairs and Maintenance
  • Replace faulty globes and tubes.
  • Repair and/or replace all electrical equipment (where qualified to).
  • Fix any safety hazards.
  • Assemble and repair furniture and other equipment.
  • Install appliances and machinery.
  • Do plumbing and carpentry.
  • Liaise with contractors and other workers.

Attend to:

  • broken and collapsing ceilings
  • Roof Leaks
  • painting of buildings , structure, equipment and ceilings
  • water proofing of roofs and insulated ceilings.
  • Replace broken window panes.
  • Replace doors, hinges and locks.
  • Perform paving ,fence and gate repairs
  • Perform basic bricklaying and plastering.
  • Repair and/or replace leaking gutters and down pipes.
  • Carry out wall and floor tiling as necessary.

Safety, Health. Environment, Risk and Quality (SHEQ):

  • Maintain a secure working environment.
  • Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Comply with health and safety procedures.
  • Ensure that documentation required within the Total Integrated Management
  • System (TIMS), is applied consistently within scope of function.

Effective Teamwork and Self-Management:

  • Take ownership and accountability for tasks and activities and demonstrate effective self-management in terms of planning and prioritising, and self development.
  • Follow through to ensure that quality and productivity standards of work are consistently and accurately maintained.
  • Inform relevant parties in the event of tasks or deadlines not met, the potential risks thereof and provide appropriate resolution.
  • Manage colleagues and employees’ expectations and communicate appropriately.
  • Demonstrate willingness to help others and “go the extra mile” to meet team targets and objectives.


  • Health and safety compliance
  • Appropriateness of repairs and maintenance activities
  • Completion of job cards
  • Prioritisation and scheduling of repair tasks
  • Accuracy and timeliness of problem identification and resolution.

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