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Every year the City of Cape Town creates work for about 40 000 unemployed Capetonians via EPWP. EPWP offers short-term and medium-term work opportunities for those who are unemployed or under-skilled.

Register on our Job Seekers database

EPWP candidates are selected from the City of Cape Town’s Job Seekers Database. To register for the database, you will need to visit your nearest subcouncil office.

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is a South African government initiative aimed at providing poverty and income relief through temporary work for the unemployed. EPWP workers are involved in various projects across different sectors, including infrastructure, social services, and environmental programs. Here are some common duties and responsibilities of EPWP workers:

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Infrastructure Sector

  1. Road Maintenance and Construction: Building and maintaining roads, sidewalks, and bridges.
  2. Public Building Renovation: Renovating and maintaining schools, clinics, and other public facilities.
  3. Water and Sanitation Projects: Installing and maintaining water pipelines, sewer systems, and sanitation facilities.

Social Sector

  1. Community Health Workers: Providing basic healthcare services and health education in communities.
  2. Education Assistants: Supporting teachers in classrooms and helping with administrative tasks in schools.
  3. Social Welfare Services: Assisting in old age homes, childcare facilities, and other community support centers.

Environmental Sector

  1. Conservation Projects: Involvement in conservation activities, such as maintaining parks and nature reserves.
  2. Waste Management: Cleaning and maintaining public spaces, collecting and sorting waste, and promoting recycling initiatives.
  3. Environmental Education: Educating communities about environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

Economic Sector

  1. Agricultural Projects: Participating in community farming, gardening, and agricultural extension services.
  2. Small Enterprise Development: Assisting in the development of small businesses and community enterprises.
  3. Tourism Development: Supporting tourism projects by maintaining tourist sites and facilities.

General Duties

  1. Training and Skills Development: Attending training sessions to improve skills and increase employability.
  2. Community Outreach: Engaging with community members to understand their needs and provide support where possible.
  3. Administrative Support: Assisting with record-keeping, data entry, and other administrative tasks as needed.

EPWP workers are typically provided with short-term employment and receive on-the-job training to help them gain valuable skills and experience.


All job applications to the City are free of charge.

General requirements to apply for EPWP work through the City of Cape Town:

  • Open to unemployed and unskilled women and men, including youth (aged 18 to 35)  and to people living with disabilities
  • You must have a CV
  • You must have an ID document, or valid South African work permit

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