Employment opportunities at Amazon.

It arrived in Brazil in 2017 aiming to serve the electronics sales market, however since 2014 it had been selling books nationwide.

It has always stood out in the market for its obsession with customers and doing whatever it takes to ensure they receive their orders anywhere.

The company has a culture that benefits diversity with balance and respect for everyone, thus creating an environment for professional growth.

Not to mention the excellent career plan that the company provides its employees with possibilities for personal growth.

And great benefits to improve the employee experience and ensure excellent working conditions.

To register, you need to access the official website and choose the vacancy that best fits your profile.

Amazon job offers are currently divided between remote and in-person to provide equity of opportunity for the most varied employee profiles.

Amazon job openings

Main advantages of working at Amazon

The company offers several benefits to its employees, among the main ones we can highlight:

  1. Complete training

Opportunities to work at Amazon offer free training to ensure the efficiency of the service provided by its employees.

Therefore, workers are prepared to serve efficiently and assist customers with any problem or difficulty.

Amazon is always willing to guarantee quality and efficiency and with complete training, it prepares employees and improves the quality of the service provided.

2. Additional benefits

Thinking about improving the well-being of workers, the company offers some important benefits to guarantee quality of life for its employees.

The first is a package of equipment necessary for those who work online with electronic devices to develop functions.

In addition to life insurance that guarantees security for workers’ descendants.

Not to mention the health and dental plan, meal vouchers and internet costs, which allow employees to purchase a larger internet plan and offer quality service without interruptions.

3. Simple application requirements

As it is a primary function, the company does not require courses or degrees and also offers paid training to attract employees willing to work.

To apply for Amazon jobs you must be over 18 years old, know how to speak Portuguese well, have completed high school, have an internet connection and a quiet work space.

Main challenges of working at Amazon

Despite the excellent advantages, it is necessary to evaluate the cons to ensure that the vacancy meets your needs. Check out the main ones:

1. Schedule

The minimum working hours are 36 hours per week, this is within the national average, but one point that may indicate that this job is not for you is the scale.

In the position for a remote position, shifts can vary between 06 and 24 hours, this requires you to have a working schedule in addition to knowing how to deal with scheduling different shifts if necessary.

2. Day

The working day shifts have alternating days off, that is, the worker can be scheduled on the weekend.

With shifts from Sunday to Monday with the possibility of working on public holidays, with additional pay for the extra day worked.

How to apply for Amazon job openings

Amazon job vacancies can be found on the company’s official website, in the work with us area or in opportunities posted on specialized websites.

To apply, simply meet the requirements and fill out the application form, then read all the details of the vacancy to check if you meet the requirements.

After that, the site will ask for your Amazon account login, if you don’t have one, you can create one to continue the process.

It is important to fill out the form carefully so as not to submit any incorrect information.

If you are chosen after the offer stages to work at Amazon, you will receive a call and an invitation to an interview with the person responsible for hiring.

Amazon job openings are opportunities for people who want to work in a responsible and flexible company.


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