R350 Grant Increase 2024

We urge all the SRD recipients to read this post and clear their doubts and questions about R350 Increase 2024: Will SASSA Increase R350 Grant Amount and What Are the Chances?


R350 Increase 2024 What is an R350 Grant?

R350 Increase Overview 2024

Will SASSA Increase R350 Grant Amount and What Are the Chances?More Discussion on R350 Grant

R350 Increase 2024

One of the many speculations regarding the Sassa SRD R350 grant payment in South Africa is that it would increase in 2024 or 2025. However, authorities have not confirmed any increase in the Sassa grant payout.

Though the country struggles with economic issues and rising living costs, we believe that in order to ensure a better standard of life for those who are impoverished, the government needs to review and increase grant amounts. You can use the official Sassa website to get information about your grant payment.

If you are also an R350 grant recipient and awaiting the R350 Increase 2024, then you must read this article for all the updated and accurate information on the expected increase.

What is an R350 Grant?

During the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, the R350 grant—also referred to as the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant—was initially implemented. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) started distributing the grant, which was meant to ease financial hardship for individuals who were most severely impacted by the pandemic, when the nation was placed under lockdown and the health and livelihoods of numerous citizens were in danger.

Temporary relief is provided in large part by the SRD grant, which was instituted by the South African government to aid people in financial trouble. Monthly bank transfers using an SASSA card or Cash Send are the options for obtaining the SRD Grant. The R350 Grant will provide you with several advantages.

The President pledged to continue funding the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) program. The SRD grant’s expansion to include everyone in need as well as its enhancement and extension have been continuously resisted by National Treasury over the past few years.

R350 Increase Overview 2024

Post TitleR350 Increase 2024
CountrySouth Africa
Handling OrganizationSASSA
BeneficiariesLow-income Citizens of South Africa
Extensiontill March 2024
Increase in AmountNo increase
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Will SASSA Increase R350 Grant Amount and What Are the Chances?

The administration declared that the SRD award will be extended till 2024 in response to public requests. These extensions do not necessarily imply a rise in the payment amount, as Sassa has made it plain that the SRD grant would stay at R350 per month.

The prolongation of the SRD grant through March 31, 2024, will be financed with R36 billion, according to the finance minister. The department’s deputy director-general, Brenda Sibeko, and social development minister Lindiwe Zulu have both stated that they would like to see the SRD grant increased. The grant amount is still R350 per month, however there hasn’t been any formal confirmation of an increase.

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We anticipate that the SASSA payout will grow as an increase in the inflation rate is anticipated. We anticipate that R350 grants will be one of the enhancements made by the authorities to SASSA grants. Unofficial indications indicate that in 2024, some SASSA grants will be increased approximately 5%, hence hopes are still on for R350 increase.

More Discussion on R350 Grant

Sassa will continue to provide R350 grants until 2024. It is highly likely, nevertheless, that the government will carry on with this initiative after 2024. For individuals who lack the funds to meet their necessities, this is a beneficial development.

Provided you fulfill the prerequisites, you will be awarded the SRD Grant. Applications for grants do not need to be reconfirmed any more thanks to changes made to SASSA regulations. It is possible to determine your eligibility and make appropriate financial plans if you are aware of the grant amount and new  eligibility requirements.

Also, remember that this is only short-term support from the SRD grant; in order to strengthen your financial security. Hence, you should look into additional long-term options to gain financial stability for yourself and family.

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