Vacancies for cleaning positions are available at Sasko Bakery.

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Sasko is a well-known brand in South Africa, famous for its range of bakery products. Sasko produces a variety of baked goods, including breads, rolls, and other bakery items. They are recognized for their quality and commitment to delivering fresh and delicious products to consumers.

Sasko products are widely available in supermarkets and stores across South Africa. They are a household name and a favorite choice for many South African families.

Job Description:

Job Title: Cleaning Staff

Location: Sasko Bakery, [Location]


  • Clean and sanitize all areas of the bakery, including floors, equipment, and surfaces.
  • Dispose of waste and ensure the proper handling of recyclable materials.
  • Follow all health and safety regulations.
  • Replenish supplies such as soap, paper towels, and cleaning agents.
  • Assist with deep cleaning tasks as required.
  • Report any maintenance or repair needs to the supervisor.


  • Previous cleaning experience in a similar environment.
  • Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Physical stamina to perform repetitive tasks and lift heavy objects.
  • Good communication skills.

How to Apply:

  • Online: Submit your application through the Sasko Bakery careers page or the parent company’s website.
  • Email: Send your resume and a cover letter to the HR department of Sasko Bakery.
  • In-Person: Visit the Sasko Bakery location and inquire about job openings and application procedures.

By meeting these requirements and demonstrating a strong commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, you can increase your chances of securing a cleaning position at Sasko Bakery

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Cleaning jobs at bakeries, including Sasko Bakery, typically have specific requirements and qualifications to ensure that candidates are capable of maintaining the necessary hygiene and cleanliness standards. Here are common requirements you might encounter for a cleaning position at Sasko Bakery or similar establishmentss:

To find cleaning vacancies at Sasko Bakery, here are some steps you can follow:

1. Company Website:

  • Visit the official Sasko website or the website of their parent company, Pioneer Foods (now a part of PepsiCo). Check the careers or jobs section for any available positions.
  • Website: Sasko

2. Job Portals:

  • Use job search websites like Indeed, CareerJunction, or PNet. These platforms often list job vacancies for various companies including Sasko.
  • Indeed: Indeed South Africa
  • CareerJunction: CareerJunction
  • PNet: PNet

3. Recruitment Agencies:

  • Contact recruitment agencies that specialize in placing candidates in the food and beverage industry. They might have information on openings at Sasko Bakery.

4. Social Media:

  • Check Sasko’s official social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for job postings and updates.
  • LinkedIn: Sasko on LinkedIn

5. Direct Inquiry:

  • Contact Sasko Bakery or their HR department directly. You can call or email them to inquire about any current or upcoming cleaning vacancies.

6. Local Newspapers:

  • Sometimes, job vacancies are advertised in local newspapers. Keep an eye on the job sections of newspapers in your area.

Following these steps should help you find any available cleaning vacancies at Sasko Bakery. Good luck!

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