Quality Assurance Officer

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Job Description


  1. A Quality Assurance Officer will ensure that products arrive and depart in accordance with quality and safety standards, conduct quality control inspections and provide QC Reports
  2. Review and improve current procedures and conduct regular audits for SOP compliance
  3. Monitor staff performance, providing guidance, and conducting essential training sessions
  4. Investigate product quality issues, conduct root cause analyses, and raise Improvement Reports
  5. Maintain a comprehensive filing system, complete daily QA checklists, and provide regular compliance reports
  6. Enforce quality and cleaning standards, promptly addressing any deviations
  7. Guide production teams, recommend improvements, and oversee the implementation of procedures
  8. Conduct daily FIFO spot checks and assess safety risks, communicating findings to relevant departments
  9. Identify training needs, foster a food safety culture, and train new employees
  10. Perform sporadic production checks and follow through on HSE minutes, findings, and improvements
  11. Track waste control, conduct cleaning inspections, and ensure strict adherence to product testing procedures


  1. Certified Food Safety Manager Certificate/ Diploma
  2. HACCP certified with strong regulatory skills
  3. Minimum 3 years proven experience as a QA Officer
  4. Understanding of SOP Implementation
  5. Quality Control and Assurance
  6. Health and Safety Regulations
  7. Data Analysis and Reporting
  8. Variance Management
  9. DC External Audit Results
  10. Creation of training courses to address deficiencies in personnel or procedures
  11. An understanding of microbiology and food technology


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