Self Employed Delivery & Collections Driver – Service Partner

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Delivery & Collection Drivers – Service Partners 

Location: Norwich

Hours:  Regular working hours – 07.30-16.30, Monday to Friday plus one 1 in 5 weekends 

Great rates of pay (average drop rate of £2.21, with earning potential of approx. £200+ per day) 

Applications welcomed from Service Partners with 4-5 routes or Single Owner Drivers.   

*You must have use of one commercial vehicle, less than 6 years old be considered for this vacancy* 

Be your own boss! 
As a Service Partner providing collection services to DHL, your business will have an unparalleled opportunity to hit the ground running or expand to incorporate a new and valuable revenue stream. Being a DHL Service Partner is suitable whether you’re an experienced owner of an established delivery business, or you’re looking to take the next step and become your own boss by setting up your own delivery business from scratch. 

If you are a new business owner, you can expect a mutually beneficial long term commercial relationship that will help your business establish itself on firm foundations, allowing you the ability to explore further opportunities for commercial growth, whether with DHL or by providing services to other customers. You can grow your business to the size you want and at your own pace by employing people to perform the services, freeing you up to concentrate on the more strategic priorities of your business.  

Backing of a household name 
As well as the autonomy of working for yourself, and high demand from DHL for the services you provide, being a DHL Service Partner also means that your business will benefit from having one of the world’s largest logistics providers as your client, which will undoubtedly be reassuring to other customers you wish to bring on.  

DHL values the Service Partners it works with, and it has used its commercial leverage to negotiate favourable deals for its Service Partners to take advantage of should they wish to.

As a DHL Service Partner, you could take advantage of: 

  • Vehicle Leasing from providers who can provide vehicles that are suitable for providing services 
  • Fuel Card deals to keep you on the road 
  • Customised policies from insurers who understand your business and its needs 
  • Introductions to professional advisors such as accountants to help you manage your business and its finances.
  • If you are a new business owner looking to set up your own business, DHL offer advice and support through its local team to help you manage your business’ provision of DHL Service Partner services. 

We also appreciate that running a large business is not for everyone and as a DHL Service Partner, you may be reassured that whether you want to run a large business with lots of employees of your own, or you just want to work for yourself without the hassle of managing people, your business would be just as valued as a DHL Service Partner. 

What do I need to be a DHL Service Partner? 

  •  A ‘can do’ approach to business and a commitment to getting things right first time. Our most successful DHL Service Partners are those who are committed to provide the best service they can. 
  • At least one commercial vehicle less than 6 years old. Many of our DHL Service Partners employ their own drivers and operate multiple commercial vehicles. 
  • Insurance policies in place (such as public liability insurance, driver hire and reward insurance, employer liability insurance, and goods in transit insurance) 
  • A full UK driving licence or equivalent accepted under UK Law for each of the personnel (including yourself) who will perform the delivery services. 
  • To pass our screening and vetting requirements for each of the personnel (including yourself) who will perform the delivery services. 
  • An adequate understanding of written and spoken English for each of the personnel (including yourself) who will perform the delivery services. This is simply because most of the recipients our Service Partners deliver to speak English as their first language. 

Are you ready to be your own boss with our backing? 

Click on the button below, register your interest and we will be in touch with you. 

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