Available Job Positions for Egg Pickers

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There are several opportunities for egg picker jobs available in various locations. Here are some options you can explore:

  1. ICBH: This company is seeking egg pickers and individuals for cleaning cages on a Monday to Saturday schedule. The job locations are across South Africa, and the salary ranges from R3,500 to R4,500 per month. The job requires a minimum of Grade 10 education and physical fitness. Transport to the nearest town and villages is provided daily. You can apply by sending your CV to Info@ICBH.co.za or handing it in at the nearest warehouse or farm office​ ( (Elite Solutions Group)​.
  2. Michael Foods Inc.: Located in Norwalk, IA, this company offers packaging labor positions where workers fill, fold, and prepare omelets for freezing, and pick off defective egg products. The pay ranges from $15 to $18.75 per hour​ (Jooble)​.
  3. MPS Egg Farms: This farm in North Manchester, IN, hires for various roles, including egg picking and CDL driving, with competitive pay ranging from $15 to $18 per hour​ (ZipRecruiter)​.
  4. Opal Foods Cooperative Inc.: Based in Roggen, CO, they offer sanitation and packing jobs at $21 per hour, where responsibilities include picking up broken eggs and maintaining cleanliness in the work area​ (ZipRecruiter)​.
  5. Vitality Staffing: Located in Edison, NJ, they offer picker and packer positions with a pay rate of $15.13 per hour. This job involves sorting, packaging, and preparing eggs for shipment​ (Jooble)​.

Egg Pickers Jobs Available

ICBH is currently seeking additional egg pickers workers and individuals for cleaning cages where chickens lay eggs. This is a Monday to Saturday job, and we’re looking for hardworking individuals willing to go the extra mile. With branches across South Africa, all employees will be located at their nearest farm.

Salary: R4,500 – R5,500 per month.


  • Minimum of Grade 10 education and above.
  • Must be physically fit.
  • Must not have any serious illnesses.
  • Must not have TB or related sicknesses.

Working Conditions:

  • Working around farm-related smells or foul odors.
  • Working in a loud/noisy environment.
  • Working in an environment with substantial dust circulation.


Transport will be provided every day after work to the nearest town and nearest villages.

How to Apply: Send your CV to Info@ICBH.co.za or hand in your CV to the nearest warehouse or farm office.

You can find more details and apply for these positions on job search websites like ZipRecruiter, Jooble, and specific company websites. Be sure to tailor your CV to highlight relevant experience and meet the job requirements.

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